How much do your cakes cost?

We don’t have a set price list since each cake is one-of-a-kind. We take
into account the complexity of the design and how labor intensive
it is to create. An initial discussion about your budget will help us
create a design that’s right for you. Our designs start at $10 per
serving and can go up to $15 per person depending on how
elaborate the design is. We find that most brides choose cakes
around this price range, but we will make every effort to work
within your budget. We don’t have extra add-on charges, and delivery
is free within the metro KC area.

Do you have a brochure or catalog of cakes to
choose from?

This Web site serves as our brochure. Each cake is one-of-a-kind so
our Web site serves as a portfolio, and an introduction to our style.

Can I have more than one flavor? Will it cost more?

You can have as many flavors and fillings as you desire, with
no additional cost.

Will you put fresh flowers on my cake?

We don’t recommend the use of fresh flowers on cake. We specialize in artistic sugar work and you can
keep the confectionary flowers as keepsakes.

How far in advance should I book a cake?

We suggest a minimum of at least six months before a wedding. Since we put so much time and attention into each cake we only accept one large or two small weddings per day, and it is not uncommon for some dates to be booked a year in advance. We will try to accommodate your schedule if you have less than six months to plan your wedding.

Will my cake be frozen?

We don’t believe in freezing cake, in fact we offer a free top tier on your anniversary, just so you won’t eat frozen cake. We also don’t believe in cake from a box, everything we make is fresh and absolutely from scratch, we use only the finest ingredients available. Your cake will be baked one/two days prior to your wedding, and decorated the day of your event.

Can I have cheesecake?

We wish you could, we make delicious cheesecake. However, according to the Kansas City Health Department, cheesecakes should not be presented at room temperature for more than 15 minutes. Wedding cakes are usually on display for a long time during the reception. So cheesecakes are not a good choice for weddings. Unfortunately, fillings made with whipped cream and mousse, fall into the same category. We make our fillings with pasteurized and cooked egg whites, which are more stable.

Do you make other special occasion cakes?

Yes, we love making cake for any celebration.

Can I have plastic pillars and a fountain on my cake?

We stack all our cakes, so pillars and fountains are not an option for our cakes.

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